GREAT KIDS: Robot helps children with autism

Two seniors at Sport and Medical Sciences Academy have displayed outstanding kindness, compassion, and perseverance while conducting their Capstone project. Angie and Rihana applied for a grant to purchase a Kebbi Robot, an educational robot that helps children on the spectrum learn facial expressions, body movements, and communication skills. 

Top 10 AI and robotics EdTech companies

We take a look at some of the key players in the EdTech industry utilising artificial intelligence and robotics to transform the way young people learn Artificial intelligence (AI), automation and robotics are becoming important in a number of industries as executives look for ways to streamline operations, improve efficiency and reduce cost.

MOVIA Robotics Launched Two New Robot Assistants Plus Progress Tracking Software For Children With Autism

MOVIA Robotics, Inc. rolled out the new TheraPal Home and TheraPal Clinical Assist Aide robots to hep children with autism and other intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) improve their social and emotional development. The rollout also included TheraPal Progress software for clinical professionals and parents to collect data on children’s progress using the robots.

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