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We’ve worked hard to make our system accessible to everyone, whether you’re a teacher in a classroom, a therapist with a private practice, or a parent at home. Once we send you a kit, our support doesn’t stop there. We keep in touch with you, conduct routine calls and training with you, and guide you throughout the process to ensure the best outcome for both you and your child.

Configurable & Flexible Software

MOVIA’s proprietary WOZ™ Teacher’s Aide software is easy to use and includes everything you need to provide fun and effective training. The robot leads the child through games and activities that are designed to provide fundamental skills training, using evidence-based techniques. The software supports interactions and engagement, ensuring simple, consistent lesson delivery in a turnkey solution.

MOVIA’s software is highly configurable, providing for individualized lessons tuned to each child's unique needs. Our software is compatible with a variety of humanoid robots, including NAO, iPal, Misty II, and Kebbi, each providing an appealing and nonthreatening platform for social interaction and instruction.

Each lesson can be customized to meet the cognitive level as well as the participation level of the child. To ensure that the software is easy to use, it has been designed in collaboration with teachers, therapists, and parents.

Our software enables robots to interact with and truly engage children with special needs, particularly those with autism, as well as typically developing children. The WOZ™ Teacher’s Aide system ensures simple, consistent lesson delivery in a turnkey solution.

Our system provides a nexus for interaction, communication, and collaboration, offering activities that promote social and cognitive engagement. Using evidence-based prompting, and dynamic instructional design, it facilitates a positive learning environment, leading children to shorten the timeline to mastery.

Curriculum & Content

MOVIA's curriculum content is designed to give a well-rounded and aligned capability to the teachers and therapists serving the special needs community.  The system is able to provide training and practice in verbal and non-verbal skills embedded within social contexts, promoting engagement in both social and educational environments.  Lessons focus on Activities for Daily Living, Learning Readiness, Social-Emotional Learning, and Academics.

Developed by, and in collaboration with, teachers, therapists, and researchers, the curriculum aligns with the highest standards of delivery and offers an expertly crafted program of study.

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