Misty II


The Misty II Robot

Misty II plus Movia can be put to work to facilitate robot-assisted instruction. It delivers Life Skills, Daily Living, Learning Readiness and Academic content to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs.  Studies have shown that children with ASD consider robots, such as Misty, as peers or social entities which enables the child to be taught and learn quickly and more effectively.

Misty II creates more engagement with children and comes with STEM-augmenting accessories, apps, and content to enhance STEM education.

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MOVIA's Robot-Assisted Instruction

The proprietary WOZ Teacher’s Aid System by Movia is easy to use and provides an enjoyable fundamental skills training using evidence-based techniques. The software supports interactions and engagement with special needs, particularly autism, ensuring simple, consistent lesson delivery in a turnkey solution. 

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