Integrating artificial intelligence into the therapeutic market

An innovative new method for therapists

MOVIA Robotics software systems are consistently becoming more user-friendly for clinicians and therapists, in school, hospital and homes. Our goal is to provide tools that can be utilized in a variety of therapy protocols. Various modules support occupational, behavioral and family therapy. Potential benefits to the child:

  • Robots are social agents for children, giving them an opportunity to interact socially in simplified situations.
  • Robots can lead children through movement games that are part of a physical therapy protocol.
  • Children with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) seem to enjoy interacting with robots possibly due to their simple and predictable behaviors.
  • Nao can lead the child through social games one on one or together in groups with peer(s).
  • Robots are embodied beings that may encourage a child to engage in whole body interactions involving imitation, turn taking, and joint attention bids.
  • Kids love robots so the robot becomes the treatment tool and the reward.

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