A growing, effective solution for Autism

An alternative therapy service in education, hospitals and in homes.

MOVIA Robotics services cater to therapists, families and clinicians with a direct focus in children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). In a growing study, our services specialize in customized sessions with children while staying congruent with the therapistís curriculum. Being flexible with the therapists and maintaining a consistent presence in the childís course of education has given the child training in social and motor skills.

In each session, the child practices with the robot to improve his/hers motor and social skills. A typical session would begin with a conversational greeting piece at the moment the child arrives. It is customized for each session and topics would include weather, shows, activities, etc. From there, the child moves towards warm ups that refines motor skills. When the warm up is over, the child moves into his/her focus activity that includes many topics such as whole body listening, following directions, story comprehension or understanding personal space. In the drumming activity that follows the focus, the child practices listening to rhythm, turn taking while continuing to exercise his/her interpersonal coordination. Of course, children are different in their interests and personalities our systems flexibility help to meet the child on their level.

For more information, contact us at (860) 881-2228 or info@moviarobotics.com.