RAI for Autism & Other Special Needs

Robot-Assisted Instruction and Intervention helps children with autism and other special needs learn and grow by connecting with them in a way that's nonjudgmental and simpler than direct human interaction.

From education to therapeutic intervention, RAI is breaking down barriers to communication.

Find out how RAI is changing lives...

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Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) for Autism & Other Special Needs Leads to...

Increased Confidence & Improved Learning Readiness

Reduced Anxiety & Increased Engagement

Achieving Educational & Therapeutic Goals

How MOVIA Robotics Helps Your Loved Ones

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By improving social skills via our innovative approach, RAI can make a tremendous difference in your child’s ability to communicate and build relationships with peers, mentors, teachers, and -- most importantly -- you.



With increased confidence, and dynamic instruction that adapts to their needs, RAI can help students with autism succeed in the classroom and exceed expectations.

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Emotional Health

Having been given the tools to build meaningful relationships and flourish in a learning environment, your child will be able to build a more secure sense of self and improve his or her emotional health.

See How MOVIA Robotics Has Helped Children & Families

Every individual affected by autism needs a personalized approach to addressing his or her unique situation. MOVIA builds systems and software to help children on the autism spectrum learn and grow using robotic technology. Our Robot-Assisted Instruction revolutionizes the way children with ASD learn by accelerating their learning trajectory and shortening the timeline of progress. Our tools build their confidence and allow them to unlock their full potential. See how we open doors and impact lives.

Our Robots & Subscription Plans

MOVIA brings a family of friendly robots to the world of children and adults with autism and other special needs. Our robots provide instruction in social skills, learning readiness, and academics. MOVIA’s RAI Subscription is affordable and flexible:

MOVIA's RAI systems start as low as $199/month!


Kebbi is an Educational Robot that integrates artificial intelligence, software, and hardware technology to provide a variety of facial expressions, body movements, and communicative interactions. Kebbi provides a unique set of interactive capabilities that work wonderfully in the home or school environment, providing users with a heartwarming and educational experience.

Misty II

Misty II delivers Life Skills, Daily Living, Learning Readiness, and Academic Content to children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and other special needs. Misty II is a mature, space-age looking robot that creates great engagement with children.


The iPal robot is the tallest of our family, standing at 3ft tall. It is a fun and commanding robot that can be used in front of a classroom or group of children. The iPal can lead groups through physical activities, storytelling, or other lessons.


The NAO robot has been beloved throughout the educational and special needs community for many years. This robot is unique for its fully articulating arms and legs, which captivate children and adults alike. Our software can be added to existing robots to extend their capability with our extensive curriculum.

Getting started with MOVIA’s RAI system

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    1. Schedule a 30-minute call today!

    Schedule a call with our team of professionals to see if MOVIA’s RAI is right for you and your child or classroom. We have a team of professional educators and clinicians who will assess your child for the right fit.

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    2. See our robots in action

    Watch our videos, read our testimonials, and schedule a live demonstration.

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    3. Experience our robots in person

    Bring Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) to your school, clinic, or home and watch your child unlock doors to a brighter future!

About MOVIA Robotics

MOVIA Robotics is a collaborative robotics company building systems and software to help children on the autism spectrum learn and grow using robotic technology. Our team was inspired by research showing the efficacy of children with autism learning through peer-like relationships with robots to create our Robot-Assisted Instruction (RAI) systems. MOVIA’s software can be tailored to meet each individual child’s needs and learning goals. We are the only company to offer a choice in robotic platforms, content, and price. We revolutionize the way children with ASD learn through the use of robotics technology, accelerating their learning trajectory. Our evidence-based techniques build children’s confidence and allow them to unlock their full potential.

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