Movia Robotics

Systems for Learning, Training, Education & Therapy


Robotic systems offer a platform for exploratory learning. The child in robot play together creating an environment that fosters learning. The robot can lead the child through explorations around specific topics including social skills and academic activities. These educational games provide a safe place for the child to learn about things at their own pace following their own speed and ability.


The robot offers a potential platform for training as a therapeutic tool. A child is placed in an interactive environment where the robot leads them through exercises designed to address a specific deficit in their behavior. Multiple strategies can be combined to provide a wide spectrum of training. These sessions can become the basis for a long-term treatment plan.


This easy-to-use robotic tool is designed to meet the needs of teachers and educator, trainers, clinicians, and other professionals in the field who are looking for viable, effective, cost-effective ways to reach children of multiple ability levels. Movia Robotics' tool systemizes education by providing consistent repetitive training that is also spontaneous and interactive. This cutting edge integrated intervention tool for schools, clinics, and other child centric environments was designed and developed by Movia Robotics.


Movia's systems are being tested to access the efficacy and potential for use a therapeutic tool. Presently, there is no research evidence to support the combined use of DRCS and RoboBuddy to address impairments or facilitate social communication skills in children with autism spectrum disorders. Potentially All of these aspects of learning training and diagnostics are brought together to provide effective therapy for children and adults. Therapy can range from verbal and physically social to bilateral coordination and music Therapy.