Benefits for the education system

Assisting therapists, providing an alternative therapy method for children on the spectrum

Benefits to the School and Program:

  • As an educational engagement tool the system can lead typically developing kids and kids with special needs though activities designed to bolster interaction and skills development.
  • The robot therapy system can aid in testing, data collection and assessment of the child for each session and across service plan.
  • The robot acts as a focal point for treatment sessions, leading the child through activities that are designed to give the child practice with communication skills, motor control, turn taking, and joint attention.
  • The robot can assist the team of during sessions with special needs children.
  • The robot therapy system helps to assure that each child gets consistent interactions even when delivered by different personnel.
  • A single robot can be used during several sessions within a day.
  • The robots activities can be varied over time increasing the complexity of the treatment along with the novelty of the experience. This can help with engaging and re-engaging the child.

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