Building Bridges. Making Connections

MOVIA Robotics stepping up to create a network of support.

MOVIA Robotics provides an innovative approach in educating children with autism to form connections inside the world we live in today. Our robotics program engages and motivates children to participate in games and activities dealing with understanding social and verbal cues. These games and activities provide practice and activities designed around the development of crucial communication and academic skills.

What is MOVIA Robotics you ask? Let us explain! We develop our own software based on interactions with therapists and children. This experience helps us understand the dynamics between all parties. The information derived from these interactions also allows us to customize our software and program procedure to build a unique curriculum for clinics and education systems. Our unique approach allows us to incorporate ideas that educators and therapists bring with those of the families of these children. These advancements broaden our program to help meet the needs of families.

Our expertise is in human robotic interface. Itís robotic software and hardware solutions to educational and clinical systems brings together knowledge and experience from several specialties, including education, psychology, physical therapy, robotics and artificial intelligence in order to provide the best possible products and services to the therapeutic market. We bring the power and promise of sophisticated robotic systems to the market with simple control and programming tools.